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Par Excellence's Month-to-Month "Desk Space"  alternative is for the professional who wants to work out of a "Business-Setting" and have access to a decorated  private office with amenities  on an  "as-needed basis." Our "Desk-Space" is designed in mind for those who perhaps commute to NYC or work out of their home but prefer on occasion to work out of an "office environment." It is also intended for those who go to a "Starbuck" type of establishment to seek an environment away from home to conduct their business; except we assure you that you will find that one of  our "Private Furnished Suites" will be far more productive and efficient.  We believe, as I am sure you do, that there are times when making phone calls or perhaps meeting a client,you would want complete "privacy" and not have someone eavesdrop on your conversation. With our Private Office Suites you will have that added level of confidentiality, security and privacy to conduct your business.


                                                                                                        Desk Space Packages

                                                                                                    1) Junior Package provides you with 30 hours/month- $125

                                                                                          2) Senior Package provides you with 60 hours/month- $175 

                                                                                          3)  Executive Package provides you with 100 hours/month- $225 

                                                                                          4)  Or ... we will gladly "Customize a Package" to suit your needs



Your "Desk Space Package" includes the following Amenities and Services: 




And.. we also offer the following "Per Diem" services: 





For queries please contact Marc Lemis at (732)  673-1095 [Anytime evenings and weekends]










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